Wooden Sunglasses Organizer - ModiDen
Wooden Sunglasses Organizer - ModiDen


Wooden Sunglasses Organizer

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Introducing All New COLORS! We have several different colored boxes be sure to check them out in our shop. If you see a box you want yet it's not in the color you'd like, just ask us, we're here to help. Also we customize!

Made from my very own SUPER SECRET FORMULA. The wood is stained, not painted, leaving a smooth natural looking finish.

Rich Brown - A fantastic "medium" brown! As classic as I can make it.

This 5ct box is ready to serve up some FUN and take care of your organizational needs. For the light sunglass collector. This is the perfect gift for a lover of eyewear!

A great option for STORE OWNERS looking for a high quality display. Look no further!

Created in Austin, TX by Inventor/Designer Ryan Fitzpatrick.

(note the pictures are for oak ply, there has been a change to maple which is even nicer. The color is still the same and no one has seemed to mind the switch so far as they still look similar. Pics will be updated soon, thanks)