Steel Knife Hanger  - ModiDen
Steel Knife Hanger  - ModiDen
Steel Knife Hanger  - ModiDen
Steel Knife Hanger  - ModiDen


Steel Knife Hanger 

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NIO knife holder is made from sheet metal and powder coated in black, white or anthracite combined with oak wood.

The bottom part of NIO is a weight, which makes sure that the knife stand is stable. NIO weights about 3,5 kg / 7lbs.

The wooden part of NIO is made of solid oak wood and has seven slots for knives, in two different widths. The middle three are norrower for smaller knives, and the other four are wider for bigger knives.

The biggest advantages of NIO knife holder are:
- it is narrow, which saves a lot of precious counter space.
- the knives are visible
- the knives easy to reach
- the knives protected

Steelline metal furniture presents a spring line with a motto: A place for everything, and everything in its place. The clean lines, smooth surfaces, neutral colors and modular design, allow for countless combinations and use in different settings: from living rooms, to kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, foyers, children's rooms, offices, shops, etc. Geometric shapes of Steelline’s elements are dynamic, but purified, that is why they can easily be combined with existing furniture.

Steelline products are made in Slovenia - from the idea and design to production, because we want to spread the culture of good European design and high quality. Our products have elegant design, are functional and useful in your everyday life.

Size: 10 x 30 cm, height 40 cm

1mm sheet metal, powder coated. For larger orders, the choice of colour is optional (in RAL colours).

Production method:
Made in our family workshop in EU