Geometry Psychedelic String Art - ModiDen
Geometry Psychedelic String Art - ModiDen


Geometry Psychedelic String Art

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Symbol of sacred geometry, fractal of a square. Square is associated with the element of earth, it embodies earthly existence, immutability, integration, the four elements. It is a symbol of permanence, security, balance, moral aspirations and good faith.

1) 40x40 cm / 15,7'' x 15,7''
2) 50x50 cm / 19,6'' x 19,6''
3) 60x60 cm / 23,6" x 23,6"

Laminated chipboard painted black, nails, luminescent thread (glow in the dark)

Normally it takes 1-2 weeks to Europe, up to 3-4 weeks elsewhere.
Each work carefully packaged in a wooden box that protects it during shipping.

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