Geometric Mural Pattern String Art - ModiDen
Geometric Mural Pattern String Art - ModiDen
Geometric Mural Pattern String Art - ModiDen


Geometric Mural Pattern String Art

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Nice square decorative piece. The pattern is spun on a mat black painted particle board.
Very good condition for the composition : the red and orange strings are taut by flat head nails, three ends are visible on a few centimeters. I haven't tried to fix this point to not damage the board. Presence of a thin layer of dust under the weave; delicate cleaning operation. The black background is still very deep with a few discrete shades of tint.
The inspiration of the space conquest and Science Fiction is obvious with this star-shaped pattern. I also see a molecular shape...and you, how do you see it ? (if not at home).

Without any signature, this board brings to mind the appeal for these creative arts of the 60's and 70's. Appeal that still exists.
To sum up, here you have a rare and futuristic board, come from the near past that will harmoniously contrast with a classical interior for instance.

Dimensions: 50*50 cm - weigh < 1,4 kg

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