About us

ModiDen, is a boutique store with 3 collections of products which can help people declutter, personalize, and improve their living space. Instead of categorizing these products in a traditional manner (ie. Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom etc.) we've decided to take a more purposeful approach by introducing "Simplify, Decorate, Illuminate".

You may notice a theme to our products. In addition to targeting unique items, we also wanted to feature items which are compact and simple to use. In our "Simplify" collection, we've focused on some laser cut, flat pack wooden products which are becoming more popular as a result of new technology. Our Decorate page has a DIY focus, keeping with the theme of "products which inspire excitement" (nothing is more exciting than having something on your wall which you've helped create). And our "Illuminated" collection is intended to improve the ambiance of your living space through unique LED lighting.

Please note that some of our products are sold through affiliations with Etsy and Amazon while others can be purchased directly through our check out. As we become more mature, we hope to increase our in-store products to offer a more convenient service to our customers.

    If you have any questions regarding our items or anything else please reach out at info@modiden.com

    Thank you.