Geometric Hanging Lamp - "Hexas" - ModiDen
Geometric Hanging Lamp - "Hexas" - ModiDen
Geometric Hanging Lamp - "Hexas" - ModiDen
Geometric Hanging Lamp - "Hexas" - ModiDen


Geometric Hanging Lamp - "Hexas"

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The hexas lampshade is generated by running a script that rationalize curved surfaces on a mesh, in this case the original surface is half a sphere.
The name hexas comes from the fact that their base is composed by six sides, forming one hexagon. In the vertical direction, the hexas mesh is divided in three parts, being at the total composed by 18 quadrilateral surfaces and 6 triangles.
The hexas lampshade is composed by six paperboard strips assembled on a spiral fashion. If composed by several colors, this composition gives a quiet dynamic appearance to the lamp.

> Build your own hexas <

There are many options to do hexas lamps. You can build your own hexas with 6, 3 or 2 different colors of paperboard. It is possible too in a single color. You can even choose the color of the textile cord. Try the colors we have available!

> Dimensions <

Height - 30 cm I 11.8 inches
Diameter - 52 cm I 20.5 inches
Cord length - 150 cm I 59.1 inches

> Kind of light bulb <

We recommend to use an energy-saving light bulb or LED light bulb with yellow light in order to give you a smooth and cozy light. The paperboard colors have a wonderful effect on the light.

> Delivery <

Hexas lamp is delivered with paperboard pieces, brass fasteners, light lamp socket, a textile cord and assembly instructions. They come in a high quality cardboard package.
We usually ship within 3 days after receiving the payment. See our shop policies for further information.

> Accessories <

If needed we can provide additional accessories for this lamp. Please ask if you need something extra.