3D Printed Modern Vase - ModiDen
3D Printed Modern Vase - ModiDen


3D Printed Modern Vase

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Enjoy this art-piece as a heavenly accent in the day-time or as a mood-enhancing luminary at night.

This items is made on a 3D printer and comes with a free LED flameless candle to get you started. Simply turn on the LED candle by twisting it and place inside for cool lighting, interest and charm.

This shape is known as the koch fractal and is made by repeating triangular shapes according to a mathematical pattern.

The 4 inch version takes about 5 hours to 3D print while the 6 inch version takes 16 hours, due to a significant change in 'fractal' surface area.

November 2016 Note: We have a limited stock of 6 inch Luminaries made and once they are sold out we won't be making any more until after January.

• Geometric Koch Fractal Snowflake design
• 3D Printed from eco-friendly plastics
• Ships direct from the MeshCloud studio in Perry, MI