3 ways you can improve your living space today

Only when you know how to choose those things that spark joy can you attain your ideal lifestyle."

-Marie Kondo

Ever since the Industrial Revolution, hyper-manufacturing and and efficient marketing has made it easier to buy products. But are we purchasing things which excite and inspire us? Do we use products as tools to help us organize our lives? And what kind of ambiance are we creating with our possessions? For many people, this is one area which becomes an afterthought.  

This is why our store is designed with 3 simple steps in mind. Simplify your living space by using products as tools which can help you simplify and declutter. Decorate with a few unique and modern pieces of art which you've either picked out, or even better, helped make yourself. And finally, add some unique LED lighting to set the perfect ambiance.

Make products work for you

At ModiDen, we believe the first step in clearing your space (both physical and mental) is to start with the concept of minimalism. Owning things which help you simplify and declutter your living space reduces distractions and encourages creativity.

We've put together a hand full of products with this concept in mind. Natural and wooden, flat pack, aesthetically pleasing products which stay out of our way when we don't need them but serve their purpose when we do. 

Personalize your possessions.

This collection of unique, ready made and DIY (do it yourself) products will help you add some flair to your living space. Take a look at our exclusive, easy to make, puzzle like Stick Art kit as well as other DIY or ready made decorative pieces.

Please note that while you can request to have some of the pieces made by us, we encourage you to take advantage of our easy to make DIY kits. Trust us, it feels good to create and keep.

Set the mood

The final step in your path to a more balanced living space is lighting. But not all lights are created equal. Certain lighting can help us relax and reflect while others might give us energy and motivation. One thing is for sure; lighting can have a profound psychological impact on the way we feel and how we act.

You may see a particular LED light which you feel excited about; and that excitement might spark something new!

We hope the collection of products we've put together helps you simplify and declutter your life while restoring or enhancing your sense of excitement in the things you posses. A modern den you can be proud to call your space.